Being Here

by Jackson

how to take a photograph

how to take a photograph

On August 26th, 2008 I published this blog’s first post. Three years later to the day, Being There comes to an end. The decision to end Being There was a long time coming. The there part of title stopped fitting: I’m here, I’ve arrived.

There’s been a lot of life in the last three years; I went back to school, quit school for a job, quit that job, moved to New York, and went back to school once again. Life has changed me, and my work has changed. I’m working with a large format camera these days. I dove head-first in to video, too. And now, from my apartment in Long Island City, I relaunch my career as a photographer feeling a great deal of excitement. I am doing what I love to do in a place I want to be. There is a lot of work ahead. Maybe one day I’ll start a blog called “being here.”

Until then, I’m working on building my photography practice. I have several projects brewing here in New York. I’m looking forward to adding the new work to the projects section of my revamped website. The relaunch will add several new sections, including a calendar, news feed, and an updated biography and CV. I also have a newsletter: sign up for updates, and I’ll send you a postcard!

In parting, here are a few of my favorite posts from the blog:

  • Black History Month, about my experience growing up in a multicultural school in Canada, and the importance of a safe and nurturing environment provided by my teacher, Ms. Cromwell,
  • When I get Older, about moving back to the neighborhood I grew up in, and volunteering at my old school,
  • Tightrope, about the day I quit my job and was accepted to the International Center of Photography (in that order),
  • Why the International Center of Photography, about moving to New York.

Thanks for reading, and talk to you again soon!